Hepatitis B: the testimony of a patient

The testimony of Francoise, 55, who suffers from chronic hepatitis B, she has followed various treatments ...

Tell us how the illness started.

In fact, I have been suffering from hepatitis B for almost thirty years. You see, it's not new!
I was extremely tired. I could not get up in the morning. I did not want anything anymore. I could not do anything, or work, or walk, nothing! Even standing up was difficult.
So I went to see my doctor. He prescribed me a blood test. And that's where we saw what I had. The blood test revealed a sharp increase in my transaminases, which is one of the signs of liver damage.

Do you know how you got contaminated?

No. I still do not know it. Perhaps during a delivery, I may have been transfused. I do not know. Maybe through sexual transmission ... My husband is a healthy carrier of the virus.

What treatments did you follow?

In 1989, the hepatologist who followed me offered me a very heavy treatment: interferon and vidarabine. It was hellish. I had terrible nausea, diarrhea, joint pain, and I was still tired. Tired to the point of not succeeding in the small tasks of daily life. But the treatment worked. I did not even need supervision anymore. No more worrying signs. Nothing. Until 2001 when my transaminases are raised again worryingly. There, I was prescribed a new treatment, much easier to bear. I take a lamivudine pills every day.

And now, how are you?

I am still taking my lamivudine treatment. I support it well. I'm just always very tired. I must do with this permanent fatigue. That means I have to rest a lot. I can not make much effort. I have to respect a very strict lifestyle, very healthy. I do not drink, I do not smoke. I can not party, nor sport. But it's livable. The only disadvantage, and one that bothers me a lot, is that the treatment is not effective forever. One day or another, I will have to change some. In any case, if I can afford some advice, get vaccinated and vaccinate your children. This is the only way to avoid liver cancer ...

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