Hepatitis B: prevention

Go out well wrapped up, go out warmly dressed ! The slogan of AIDS is valid for hepatitis B. All intercourse must be protected when it is not known if the partner is vaccinated.

As long as the "universal" vaccination has not eradicated the virus, and this is far from being the case, the use of condoms is essential not to contaminate his unvaccinated partner, or not to be contaminated by his partner .

For addicts, as well as with AIDS, never use a used syringe, do not share compresses or utensils for drug preparation.

And, in the entourage of a patient, it is necessary to avoid sharing objects that may be soiled by blood such as toothbrushes, razors, or nail scissors.

A vaccine against hepatitis B exists, it is effective. However, it is not mandatory in France for infants, but it is widely recommended for all, as well for children, as for adolescents before first sexual intercourse and single adults. Health personnel and at-risk individuals such as drug users should be vaccinated against hepatitis B.

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