Pregnancy and urinary leakage

It is usually during the third trimester of pregnancy that symptoms can appear such as urinary excretion on exertion, but also difficulties in retaining urine. Increases in urinary frequency with urination greater than seven times daily are "normal". This is due to the increased volume of the uterus that compresses the bladder.

But beware, it is especially after childbirth that a treatment, and in particular a reeducation will have to be carried out to avoid problems of urinary leakage in the years to come.

Urinary leakage during pregnancy

Four out of ten pregnant women report being affected by urinary incontinence during pregnancy. This problem is more prevalent among pregnant women who have had previous births, and it seems that leakage predisposes them to having them again in the event of a new pregnancy.

In addition, 50% of young mothers have stress incontinence occurring just after delivery.

Consequences of childbirth

During pregnancy and during delivery, perineal and pelvic tissues are distended and sometimes find it difficult to regain their initial tone. This phenomenon is all the more important in case of significant weight gain, if the delivery was long, or if several pregnancies succeeded one another without rehabilitation.

The relaxation of these tissues sometimes results in loss of urine during an effort, a cough, a sneeze, a laugh, because the woman does not control properly the muscle (sphincter) which control the bladder.

At the level of the vagina, this phenomenon of muscular relaxation can alter the quality of sexual intercourse, and in the most serious cases lead to prolapse. These effects can occur many years after the end of pregnancy, when the effects of age on muscle tissue add to the old distension associated with maternity.

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