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Genu valgum: The causes

The causes of a genu valgum are quite numerous, and not always easy to identify.

A genu valgum is a more common deformity in women because of their predisposition to having a larger pelvis due to possible pregnancy.

Other causes: apart from deformities due to a fracture during childhood or to a rare skeletal disease of genetic and / or congenital origin, a particular genu valgum results from a rather particular development of the lower limbs during their growth. . Without being considered as, abnormally, abnormal, this development is seen more frequently in children or teenagers who are rather overweight and less muscular because they are more sedentary.

Once formed in adulthood, the genu valgum, when it is slightly accentuated, can maintain its aspect throughout the life, without aggravating, and without disturbing in a particular way this person.

On the other hand, on the other hand, the genu valgum gets worse and worse, especially if the joints of the knees deteriorate.

Since the genu valgum corresponds to a misalignment of the lower limbs, to be able to assess its severity, the doctor (or the orthopedic surgeon) must establish measures. These measurements can be done during the examination in medical office, by measuring at double decimetre the distance between the ankles (more exactly between the internal malleoli) and / or with a device of measurement of the angles (goniometer) at the knees them same.

In addition to the severity of the angular deformity, it is also important to evaluate the impact of the genu valgum on the knee joints. Indeed, the knees of people with genu valgum are vulnerable and. somewhat overworked. Vulnerable because the patients perceive them as a little fragile or sensitive, and to avoid banging the knees when walking, the legs are projected more remotely.

Finally and especially for women wearing shoes with heels, tending to have knees in slight flexion, a genu valgum is not always perfectly tolerated.

On the medical side, in addition to a clinical evaluation of such a deformation, radiographic measurements are necessary because they are more objective.

The X-ray is done on large shots standing, allowing to see the pelvis, the lower limbs to the ankles, to measure - among other things - the angle formed between the axis of the thigh (femur) and the axis of the leg (shin). A qualified EOS exam accomplishes this measurement with even more precision. This X-ray examination shows whether the knees have undergone wear alterations that occur frequently in case of genu valgum.

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