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Frostbite: The causes

Exposure to cold is the main cause of frostbite. Elderly people and children, as well as people with blood circulation problems, are at greater risk of frostbite.

In addition to the problem of frostbite, extreme cold causes different types of symptoms that can be particularly serious for the body.

We distinguish according to the gravity 4 degrees of frostbite:
1st degree frostbite: loss of sensitivity, burning pain, white-grayish color.
2nd degree frostbite: edema, pain, blister.
3rd degree frostbite: pale skin, loss of sensitivity, black color.
4th degree frostbite: part of the body affected jelly, gangrene.

The lesions are not painful at first, but frostbite can settle gradually. In the first stage, there is a tingling sensation or a burning sensation. But quickly, the affected area will become numb, as anesthetized. Indeed the first cause here is going to be cold causing a vasoconstriction, a narrowing of the blood vessels, and disrupting the perception of sensations. This phenomenon is particularly visible in the face in the form of small, discolored white spots.

When they are more advanced, frostbite becomes painful again and the parts of the body concerned will become edematous (swell), change color and blisters (blisters) may appear. Without emergency care, frostbite causes destruction, necrosis of frozen tissues and progresses to gangrene.

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