Fracture of the nose: the causes

The causes are obvious, there are not 36! It is a trauma where the face is exposed, which is at the origin of the fracture of the nose. Either by an object that violently touches the nose, or the face projected on a hard plane. But depending on the type of trauma, the consequences on the nose are different.

This is a fairly common accident, often related to a sporting activity ... but not only! Men are more often victims than women.

In case of major trauma, there may be a complex polyfragmented fracture.

For the doctor, it is important to know how the trauma occurred. A small but very localized impact on the nose can do more damage than a wider but less violent impact. It will be necessary to know exactly where the impact occurred. And look for another possible injury related to head trauma (cervical vertebrae, facial mass).

If the shock is lateral, a single bone of the nose may occur. The trauma can also be on the nasal canopy, with a dislocation of the nose which will then be deformed in S. Different types of fractures of the nose have been described corresponds to specific attacks of the bones of the nose.

The physician must also consider any other previous trauma that may have affected the nose.

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