Coccyx fracture: the symptoms

The symptoms of a coccyx fracture are quite obvious. The patient complains of severe pain or significant sensitivity of the area just above his / her gluteal fold in the most caudal area of ​​the spine.

In general, the person feels a lot of pain in the region of the coccyx, especially when sitting, or during physical exertion.

All around the coccyx, there are nerve roots, and when they are affected, this can cause complications: a diffuse and continuous pain can then continue.

Therefore, in the event of a coccyx fracture, it is advisable to avoid sports activities or to carry heavy loads. For women, sex can be difficult.
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At the doctor's, he will analyze the patient's complaints, his symptoms to establish a diagnosis.

> The questions asked by the doctor, gathering the circumstances of occurrence and clinical examination, are sufficient for most of the time to make the diagnosis of coccyx fracture.

> The clinical examination consists of checking the entire spine. A digital rectal examination can be performed by the doctor, and will verify the absence of displaced luxation. In general, this examination causes an elective pain of the coccygeal lesion.

> Radiography is necessary to confirm the diagnosis because it allows to visualize and locate the fracture. But it does not always succeed in highlighting the lesion characterized by a fracture or dislocation.

> An MRI or CT scan may be requested, especially in case of atypical symptoms or which do not disappear.

> Occasionally, a minor dislocation or sacro-coccygeal sprain may occur. Coccyx fracture is often easy to manipulate and move (although it is painful for the patient).

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