Coccyx fracture: the causes

The causes of a coccyx fracture are various: a fall, a shock, a delivery sometimes, osteoporosis can be a factor favoring since this disease weakens the bones.

This fracture is more likely to occur in women because the tailbone is exposed to them because of the width of the pelvis.

Most fractures are caused by a direct impact on this region:

  • The most usual accident: when falling on a hard surface while sitting (slipping, falling).
  • At a regional direct impact in a contact sport (motorcycle, horse, bike).
  • Repetitive stress or friction on the coccyx (as can happen during bike rides or rowing competitions) can also damage the tailbone. But a coccyx fracture then occurs in case of bone fragility.
  • The coccyx is impacted by laborious obstetric labor during the birth of a newborn baby above average. During a vaginal delivery, the passage of the baby can cause a crush of the coccyx.

Note: if the context is traumatic, it may persist in this place visible signs of skin contusion or blue.

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