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Baby fever

This is often the total anxiety when parents discover that their baby has a fever, which in the end is more than understandable! But nothing serves to panic, just have the right reflexes to be able to treat baby in time.

Fever is defined by a temperature above 38 ° C. In a baby, it is often linked to an infection and must be treated appropriately and often fast especially if the infant is very young.

Fever is very common in young babies during infections such as angina, otitis, bronchitis, but also for other reasons necessarily infectious.

To find out if your child has a fever, it is not enough just to put your hand on his forehead. The most reliable ways that should be used, are to take the temperature of the child through the rectum, mouth or ear using a thermometer.

A baby is very fragile in nature with immune defenses functioning less well than in adults. Besides the actual fever, other symptoms may be present (diarrhea, vomiting, spots on the skin ...). These events, which must push to consult a doctor, will allow the practitioner to guide a diagnosis.

Depending on these symptoms associated with fever, and especially the age of the baby, the opinion of a doctor is more or less urgent.

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