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Fever: in children

Children often suffer from fever, with the characteristic that their body temperature is subject to greater variations than those of adults.

If the fever can often worry parents, a high fever in a child does not necessarily mean that the child is very sick.

Fever usually indicates that the child's body reacts to an infectious agent that has entered the body and is fighting it.

In infants and children, fever is the most common reason for pediatric consultation. Since the immune system is not yet fully developed in the baby, parents should consult a doctor promptly in case of fever (especially if the child is less than 6 months old).

The doctor will identify the causes of the fever to prescribe treatment and give advice.

In the young baby, fever should not be treated by self-medication: consultation with a doctor is very important before any treatment, as some medications intended to lower the fever are not always suitable for infants.

In case of fever in a child, make sure to drink enough to avoid dehydration.

In some children, fever can cause febrile seizures: seizures lasting from a few seconds to a few minutes in most cases. These febrile seizures occur most often in children aged 6 months to 5 years. The opinion of a doctor is of course essential.

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