To make a baby after 40 years: testimonials

"Doctor, I'm over 40, I want a baby." Wanting to make a baby 40 years or older, is no longer an exceptional fact. Moreover, in France, the frequency of late pregnancies continues to increase.

Volunteers and filled with love that they only want to give, future mothers willingly willing to the many examinations that their pregnancy requires. But for all that, the success of their project is not systematic, even if advances in medicine now make it possible to conceive more and more later.

The laws of nature

From the age of 37, a woman's fertility rate begins to drop dramatically. It is at this age that the production of oocytes decreases by half. Hormonal levels decrease and sometimes the uterus becomes congested with fibroids or has functional lesions.

To make a baby after 40 years, things tend to be complicated still: the time to start a pregnancy becomes longer (a good year between 40 and 45 years) and the chances of being able to conceive are reduced by half. Ovulation is less frequent and of poorer quality.

Stories of women

Find in this article the testimonies of Elise, Célia, Corinne, Agathe who have each had very different experiences of pregnancy after 40 years. To read also the advice of Dr. Jean-Michel Allouch, gynecologist-obstetrician.

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Author: Nadège Cartier.
Expert consultant: Dr. Jean-Michel Allouch, gynecologist-obstetrician.
May 2015.

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