Avoid the failures of cosmetic surgery

Sometimes we meet them on the street. They are often seen on television, showing the effects of their failed plastic surgery on camera.

This can affect any part of the operated body: the face, the belly, the arms, the buttocks, the breasts. Some stories have something to frighten ... Then before you throw under the knife of the first miracle worker, before attempting - your turn - to reverse the race of time needles: inform you!

First: find your surgeon, a good one! In this file, you will already have some practical tips for choosing your practitioner. In particular, we tell you how to check the specific qualifications of your surgeon with the College of Physicians. In this article also information about the health center (is it better to choose a clinic or a hospital?).

The first consultation is the best time to ask your questions, to share your concerns, to try to prevent as much as possible and avoid a failed cosmetic surgery ... Again, we will give you some useful information.

Find out about the post operative and the price. To learn more, read also the advice of a surgeon and a patient re-operated after a "misfire".

Author: Sylvie Charbonnier.
Expert Consultants: Dr. O., plastic surgeon, and Dr. E., general practitioner.
December 2010.

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