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Diaper rash: the testimony of a mother

The testimony of a mother, Stephanie, whose daughter suffered a significant diaper rash at the age of one month.

Your baby had a fairly important diaper rash, tell us ...

Yes. Now it's over, but when she had a month, a month and a half, it was terrible. It came gradually. At first, she had red buttocks, but I thought it was normal. Babies are always quite sensitive to this place. I started to get scared when she began to have bright plaque species, as if the skin was coming off ... The superficial layer of skin was leaving, she was raw. Suddenly, she suffered. I put creams, but it did not matter, and it got worse. She was getting worse and worse. As soon as she pee, she cried. And the night too. She had settled very quickly, leaving maternity: at fifteen days, she was doing her nights. And there, she woke up. She was screaming. And I could not calm her down.

Do you know why it happened?

I think it's because she was doing her nights. So I did not change her at night, I let her sleep. And I also took advantage of it to sleep. I guess it must have macerated all night in her bed, and it got worse. But when these species of bright lesions appeared, I could not do anything anymore.

How did that happen?

I spoke with my pediatrician. When I saw that the creams did not work, I put eosin. To dry. It was a little better, indeed, but it was still not happening, so my pediatrician told me to leave my daughter's buttocks in the air. Quite simply. And it went like this. Fortunately, it was summer, I could leave it in his little park, outside, in the garden, buttocks in the air, and indeed, in a few days, it's gone. In the end, it is true that it is not very serious, but it is worrying for a mother. Especially when you see your baby hurt and you feel helpless.

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