Calcaneal spine: treatments

The treatment of a "calcaneal spine" (or plantar fasciitis) depends on the symptoms, the genes it causes in the patient. The "calcaneal spine" is a benign condition that is treated by rest, and the prescription of cushioning soles (these sometimes have a hollow part thus limiting the support on the painful area).

Functional rehabilitation sessions can be effective, acting on the lesion scar of the fascia. Footing exercises of the sole of the foot can be performed.

Some practitioners or physiotherapists may try local treatments using shock waves (painless treatment).

In persistent forms, treatment with one to two infiltrations of cortisone derivatives may be necessary. These injections are performed by a rheumatologist or a specialist in functional rehabilitation.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, on the other hand, are rather ineffective. They are moreover the disadvantage of risking to generate side effects, such as digestive bleeding ...

It is also important to avoid a recurrence, because the symptoms of a "calcaneal spine" can restart. The best prevention is the correction by a footbed (orthotic) adapted and cushioning, and a good fit of city and sport.

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