Epilepsy: the symptoms

The symptoms of epileptic seizures are very variable. There are several types of seizures: generalized seizures that affect the entire region of the brain, and partial seizures that result from a localized discharge to a region of the brain.

1 - The great tonic-clonic crisis

The crisis of tonic-clonic epilepsy is a generalized crisis. It's the most impressive thing. It results in generalized convulsions all over the body. The convulsions are in the form of bilateral and symmetrical jerky movements. The epileptic seizure is sometimes a spectacular event, which is also called "great harm". It can last from a few seconds to several minutes.
The patient can bite his tongue, urinate on it, lose consciousness, stop breathing and become all blue.

2 - Absences

Absences are much less spectacular generalized crises that can easily go unnoticed. The only symptom is an intermittent loss of attention. Suddenly, the patient suspends his activity for a few seconds. When it occurs in children, at school, teachers feel that it is in the clouds. This crisis is called "little evil". She has a good prognosis.

3 - Partial seizures

The symptoms of partial seizures depend on the brain region affected by the epileptic discharge. Their expression is therefore very diverse: motor jerks, repetitive gestures, hallucinations (visions, smell, sounds, weird taste, etc.), sensation of déjà vu, tingling or tingling, etc. The symptoms are as variable as the brain has functions!

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