Hair removal for men

In ancient times, male beauty celebrated smooth, beardless male bodies. After a return to the fashion of "men of Cro-Magnon" virile and hairy of the last century, our society today seems to return to the Greek aesthetic: the man without hair.
Indeed, in the West, more and more men maintain their hair, sometimes to hunt down every nook and cranny.
Hygiene concern or simple coquetry?


The hairs, by nature, retain some germs or other impurities, such as bacteria, dust, lice ... bad smells. And removing the hair can therefore appear as a hygienic practice. Indeed, a smooth skin will be washed more easily, and the dead skin better eliminated. More airy, the skin will retain less bacteria that lodge in certain interstices of the body (the armpits, for example) causing odors.

Another argument: for athletes, hair removal, in addition to avoiding odors related to perspiration, can improve performance. This is the case, for example, for swimmers or cyclists, in whom the hair can be a factor of slowdown.

Hair removal also facilitates care during an injury, because the skin is then cleaned more easily (strapping legs in football, for example).

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