Eyebrow depilation: The different methods

> The tweezers: handy and precise, it is the best technique for epilating the eyebrows. Provided of course not to abuse it, and to clean it between each use.
It even exists with integrated lamp, not to miss a hair!

> The wax: The cold wax makes it possible to remove the smallest hairs. However, it will be necessary to be careful not to make bands too wide, even fine tweezers with the pliers.

In institute

If you are afraid of missing you, or if you want a perfect and symmetrical result, you can opt for hair removal in a beauty salon. The beautician, accustomed to this kind of practice, can draw your eyebrows according to their natural line. It can use wax, tweezers, but also the technique of the wire.

Hair removal is a technique that comes from Asia and is spreading more and more in Europe. The method is for the beautician to handle a thick thread between her fingers to pull the hair. This technique allows an impeccable and very precise rendering.

Finally, for those in a hurry, the "eyebrow bar" concept makes it possible to get hair done in no time with a pro, without having made an appointment. Today there are more and more of them in France.

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