Epididymitis: Symptoms

In case of epididymitis, different symptoms may occur.
Among the local symptoms, there is a swelling of the stock exchange, which increases in volume. Specifically, the infection can manifest as a hard, painful nodule at the top of the testicle. The latter is very sensitive and can cause a very sharp pain that goes up along the testicular cord.

Other symptoms may be observed, such as the occurrence of a fever, for example. It is abrupt or progressive, and of variable intensity.

If the epididymitis is associated with urethritis (ie inflammation of the urethra, the channel that releases urine and sperm), other symptoms may be associated: a purulent discharge at the urethra, burning sensation when urinating, etc.

Attention should also be paid to the symptoms suggestive of a complication. Those that are to be feared are testicular ischemia (drop in blood supply to the testis), the formation of an abscess or infertility.

If one of the bursaries becomes very sensitive and double in volume, you must request an emergency consultation to your general practitioner.

The clinical examination by the doctor will most often make it possible to establish the diagnosis. However, additional examinations will be most often requested. Ultrasound, a doppler and cytobacteriological examination (ECBU) urine in the first place.

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