Epididymitis: The causes

Most epididymitis occurs because of retrograde infections. In other words, the responsible germs go back in the opposite direction of the sperm, from the urethra to the epididymides.

There are two forms of epididymitis: the shape of the young subject, and that of the elderly subject. Depending on the age of the subject, two different causes may be invoked.

1 - The epididymitis of the young subject
Most often, the cause is venereal, that is, contracted sexually. It is often associated with urethritis (inflammation of the urethra) or prostatitis.
The bacterium in question is a sexually transmitted germ: Chlamydia most of the time, or Neisseiria gonorrhee (the gonococcus).

2 - The epididymitis of the elderly subject
This one is of urinary origin. The germ is that of urogenital infections. It is in 75% of cases Escherichia coli, a very common intestinal bacteria, better known as E. coli or E. coli. This germ will go from digestive to urine, by blood. Proteus, enterococci or staphylococci are less common.

This form of epididymitis is usually secondary to another pathology of the urinary tract: prostatic adenoma, chronic prostatitis, etc. Sometimes an instrumental maneuver, such as the insertion of a urinary catheter, may be involved in this form of epididymitis.

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