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ENZYMICIN 15 400 IU / 5 mg

Generic drug of the therapeutic class: Stomatology
active ingredients: Neomycin, Benzocaine
laboratory: Ato Zizine

Stick for dental use
Bottle of 200
All forms


- Adjuvant treatment of alveolites after checking and cleaning the cell.
- Official recommendations concerning the appropriate use of antibacterial drugs should be taken into account.

Dosage ENZYMICINE 15 400 IU / 5 mg Stick for dental use Bottle of 200

Strict local application.
- Take aseptically into the vial and insert 1 or 2 sticks into the dental cell after checking and detaching the alveolus.
- For insertion in a very small cell, it is possible to cut the sticks.
- The shape of the sticks allows an easy grip with the aid of a precele.

Against indications

The use of this product is contraindicated in the following cases:
- history of hypersensitivity to benzocaine (or sensitization to local ester-type anesthetics),
- history of allergy to neomycin and / or antibiotics of the same group (aminoglycosides),
- do not use on temporary dentition (children under 12 years).
Pregnancy: In view of the presence of neomycin, which is an aminoglycoside causing an ototoxic risk and the possibility of a systemic passage, the use of this drug is not recommended during pregnancy.

Adverse effects Enzymicine

- Risk of allergic manifestations with cross-sensitization with para-aminobenzoic acid derivatives (sulfonamides, certain local anesthetics, coloring preservatives), - Risk of allergy to neomycin.

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