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Enuresis: treatments

Before setting up a treatment for enuresis, it is necessary to involve the child in the management of "his bedwetting" without rushing or humiliating him. He must be made to understand that it is not his fault but that he can succeed in getting rid of "this pesky thing".

It is necessary to consult when the problem persists and as soon as it disturbs strongly the child or the parents.

Here are some tips and treatments for bedwetting:

Change some lifestyle habits

  • In the evening, one can avoid giving too much liquid (like soups) to the child without traumatizing him as soon as he takes a sip.
  • Just before bedtime, he must of course pee, but without harassing him every night.
  • We must avoid waking the child to go pee, it may in the long run to disturb his sleep, and therefore nothing to arrange.
  • Important: do not forget to value it when it is a clean night.

If the situation becomes difficult for the child and the family, we can use protections, but the child will have to "manage" himself the use of these protections. Without the parents quitting and losing interest in the problem.

Childhood sleep disorder

Sleep disorder in children is a persistent alteration in the quality or quantity of sleep. What are the symptoms, causes and solutions? All you need to know to help your child sleep better!


Some medications are available to treat enuresis. These treatments are reserved for specific cases such as the deficit in anti-diuretic hormone.

Thus, the doctor can prescribe for three months desmopressin, a tablet to take in the evening. This medicine "causes reabsorption" of water in the kidneys. The child should not drink too much in the evening and not at night.

Warning devices

Sold in pharmacies and in specialized shops, these are panties equipped with a strip sensitive to moisture and connected to an alarm. As soon as the child begins to pee, a ringing alarm goes off, waking the child who can go to the bathroom.

It is a method that can be effective in a few months. Not all doctors are in favor, some advocate this solution from just eight years.

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