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Hoarseness: Treatments

Often, to compensate for hoarseness, you force your voice ... there is nothing more wrong!
To cure a hoarseness, the first treatment is the vocal rest: to avoid whispering, to force the voice, to telephone, to speak in noisy places, because that would only make the situation worse.

To relieve the symptoms of hoarseness, it is necessary to hydrate and humidify the atmosphere. Avoid smoking. Suck softening, antiseptic, moisturizing lozenges, take light anti-inflammatory enzymes.

In case of gastro esophageal reflux, avoid eating foods that favor or aggravate it.
If despite this hoarseness persists more than 8 to 15 days, it is recommended to consult an ENT or a speech pathologist.

The doctor will do an endoscopy of the vocal cords (nasofibroscopy or endoscope) to determine the origin of the hoarseness. In case of repeated episodes of hoarseness, he will prescribe the patient a treatment to strengthen his immune defenses.

If one does not intervene in case of hoarseness, it can be increased with a voice which becomes broken, or to persist. In the absence of precautions and repeated episodes of hoarseness, the vocal cords can suffer lesions, which can even modify the tone of the voice and cause the development of nodules or polyps.

If hoarseness does not disappear, it is important to know the precise cause, and of course, the doctor looks for a possible tumor especially if it is a smoker.

Author: Elide Achille.
Expert Consultant: Dr. Elizabeth Fresnel, Phoniatre.

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