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Left-handed child: the answers to your questions

Having a left-handed child is often a source of questions for parents, especially when learning to write: how to help? Will my left-handed child have trouble writing, reading? Will he be good at arts or sports?

First, be aware that your child may be left handed, but right-handed, eye, and vice versa.

The southpaw, hand, will experience difficulties in a world majority right. The material, from the school is adapted for right-handed, writing from left to right (for French), etc ...

In this world of right-handedness, being left-handed can have certain consequences ... of ill-being, of inconvenience, with sometimes even certain physical inconveniences, due above all to an environment, objects and poorly adapted tools. Thanks to some tips on this file, left-handers can escape more or less these inconveniences.

Thus, there are several right handed products that are available for left-handed people. We think mainly of scissors, school equipment in general and the various musical instruments.

Dr. Michel Galobard├Ęs, former researcher in pedagogy at the University of Toulouse, answers all the questions you ask yourself, as a southpaw and parent of a left-handed child, and gives you a multitude of practical advice for the help.

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Author: Ide Parenty.
Last updated: August 2015.

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