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Bilingual child: our advice

Children have incredible coping skills, however there are some pitfalls to avoid if you want your child to speak multiple languages.

Here are some tips to help your child become bilingual:

> You are a mixed couple: stay natural with your child, tell him the language in which you can convey emotions. The "one parent - one language" rule is not realistic or achievable. In everyday life, you often have to change your language with your child. It does not matter ! There is no scientific study proving that the "one parent-one language" method is the right one.

> You speak the same language, but you live in a foreign country: speak to him your language, he will learn very quickly and without your help, the language of the environment in which he bathes.

> You are a mixed couple and you live in a country different from your respective languages: do not be afraid of confusion, speak each your language to your child. He will learn the third language as easily as the two languages ​​you speak to him.

> Even if you do not speak your mother tongue perfectly, but you know how to hold a conversation, speak to it in that language. Learning sounds and words does not only involve a comprehensive vocabulary. Important tips to know: speaking a language must be very affective, and that is the case if you whisper soft words or lullabies learned in childhood to your baby.

> There is no "noble" language, if you can allow your child to swim in a different language environment, do it, if you want your child to achieve bilingualism. Most bilingual nurseries / schools are expensive and not necessarily within the reach of all budgets, but there are other ways to learn to speak a language other than French.
Another method: if you have your child looked after by a childminder or a foreign nanny, ask them to talk to your child in their mother tongue.
To find out more, take the quiz on bilingualism.

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