Generic drug of the therapeutic class: Stomatology
active ingredients: Parachlorophenol, metacresyl acetate
laboratory: Septodont

Solution for dental use
45 ml bottle
All forms


Pulpo-radicular disinfection.

Dosage ENDOTINE Solution for dental use 45 ml bottle

Strict local use

After careful preparation of the root canal by mechanical boring, place in it a cotton wick or a paper tip impregnated with ENDOTIN. Complete by placing in the pulp chamber a cotton ball impregnated and slightly wrung out. Fill with temporary cement.

If the tooth shows no symptoms, it can proceed to a permanent filling, otherwise we will restart the treatment.

Against indications

Allergy to parachlorophenol, metacresyl, or any other component of the product.

Endotine side effects

No data to date under normal conditions of use.

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