Endometriosis: the symptoms

The two main symptoms that cause women to consult and discover their endometriosis are: pelvic pain and infertility.

Often, endometriosis can be discovered by chance, during appendicitis, for example. This is a common condition (30% of women of childbearing age are affected).

Beware of conventional wisdom: endometriosis does not systematically cause infertility. Only about 30% of women affected by the disease will have infertility problems, which means that the remaining 2/3 are usually spared from the problem.

The first symptom of endometriosis is pain, often located in the small pelvis, but it can also appear in the abdomen, back; it is present around the period of the rules (a few days before, during or the days following the rules) and it is accompanied by more or less abundant rules, one speaks of dysmenorrhea; sexual intercourse can be painful, it is called dyspareunia.

Doctors classify the evolution of endometriosis into four stages.

Stage 1 : There are only three or four lesions, three or four places where the endometrium has migrated. These lesions can be easily destroyed under laparoscopy (surgical operation with fine instruments) and this does not lead to sterility problems.

Stage 2 : The lesions are most often found on the ovaries where they cause painful cysts disturbing for the cycle.

Stage 3 : The lesions are larger and may call into question fertility.

Stage 4 : The whole small pool can be "stuck". This means that all organs can wear adhesions (they stick to each other). Not only is the pain important and the infertility likely, but, in addition, it is difficult to operate. Restorative surgical procedures are delicate at this stage, even dangerous.

Obviously, pregnancy eliminates the pain of endometriosis since there are no more ovulatory cycles or rules.

In video: a gynecologist explains the different causes of infertility in women

Age, diet, psychological factors ... There may be several reasons why a woman may not be able to get pregnant. A gynecologist details the causes that can expose a woman to the risk of infertility.

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