Endometriosis: the causes

The cause of endometriosis is the transfer of cells from the uterine lining elsewhere than inside the uterus. She is suspected of pain at the time of menses accompanied by more or less abundant rules.

Endometriosis forms plaques or nodules (or cysts) that, because of estrogen, swell like the lining of the uterus at the time of menstruation, they are inflammatory bleeding and are painful.

Endometriosis can be located at several levels:

  • at the level of the vagina,
  • in the rectovaginal wall,
  • between the vagina and the rectum,
  • on the ovaries,
  • in the abdomen,
  • on the peritoneum,
  • on the intestines,
  • at the level of the bladder,
  • in the urinary tract ....
  • either in the very wall of the uterus, in the uterine muscle.

These endometrial fragments will work in the invaded organs as they would function in the uterus. They evolve under the effect of hormones coming from the ovaries. They follow the rhythm of the cycles. They will therefore thicken all the time of the menstrual cycle, and bleed at the end of the cycle.

All this would be of little importance, if the blood of the migrating tissue, could be evacuated, as during menstruation. Now, there is no way out and forms pockets, lesions, cysts or adhesions, more or less painful depending on their location.

Endometriosis may be the cause of infertility.

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