Endometriosis: the testimony of a patient

The testimony of Clara, 36 years old and pregnant for 5 months.

How did you discover your endometriosis?

In fact, I have always had painful, abundant and painful periods. But I did not pay more attention. My mother, too, had painful periods, my sisters, too. I thought it was like that ... for everyone. And then, seven or eight years ago, it became really unbearable. I was really in pain at the time of menstruation, and I was very tired.

And most importantly, I had a lot of pain during sex. It can be said that it ruined my life for years.

It was so bad that in the evening, when I went to sleep, I was afraid of having intercourse with my husband. It's terribly guilty. It can break a couple, that!

I went to see my gynecologist. He gave me a laparoscopy. I had ligament damage. He was able to remove them. I also had medical treatment. And it happened. I managed to have my son. He is six now.

And it's no longer income?

Yes ! That is the problem. For a while, nothing. Already the time of my pregnancy, it was very good. I did not feel anything anymore. And then, two or three years ago, it started again. I think it was even worse. I had horrible pain at the time of intercourse. I even hurt when I went to the saddle. So, my gynecologist gave me a progesterone treatment. A pill, what! And it worked. Except that I wanted another baby.

So problem: either I took the pill and I did not hurt at the time of the reports, but without being able to become pregnant; either I did not take the pill but with such pain during intercourse that I could not, either, to find myself pregnant. A horror.

So what did you do?

I had to reoperate. The first time, I had removed the uterosacral ligament. There, we removed the other. The pains stopped. I could be pregnant. I am in the fifth month of my pregnancy and all is well. I hope it will not do it again afterwards. It took me so long to find out what I had.

You know, often, doctors do not take you seriously, when you are a woman or a girl and you say that you have a stomach ache. It's really a shame!

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