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Premature ejaculation: treatments

Do not wait to see your general practitioner, uro-andrologist, or sex therapist, as treatment may be more difficult when the problem of premature ejaculation lasts and is old.

A drug is now available for premature ejaculation: Priligy® (dapoxetine). This medication would triple the time to ejaculate by three to four. It is available with a prescription and is not refunded. It can only be taken by adult men (not indicated in adolescents).

It can cause some side effects, such as nausea, dizziness ...

Beside this medicine, other solutions can be considered.

The man must above all learn to control his ejaculation.

This means, among other things, to spread the excitement to the whole body and not just sex, to identify the sensations that announce the arrival of orgasm and know how to reduce the excitement. Man can "learn" himself, with experience ...

This "learning" of ejaculation can be done alone, or better, as a couple. This is a kind of behavioral reeducation to put in place. Specifically, it is for the man to masturbate - or to be masturbated by his partner - and to "stop everything" at the approach of ejaculation.

During the preliminaries, the woman will have to stimulate all the parts of the body of the man, except the sex, in order to diffuse the excitement throughout the body. During the sexual act, this learning consists in stopping all movement before the arrival of the orgasm, then reducing the excitement before taking again the act.

Moreover, premature ejaculation is primarily a control problem, the mistake is to let sex be spaced out; making love often is the best way for a man to learn how to "tame" his sexual arousal.

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