Chronic Eczema: Treatments

Several treatments exist to fight against chronic eczema very resistant.

> Medication treatments:

- Local corticosteroids of medium to strong power are applied (preferably in ointment), while performing a frequent lubrication of the hands (creams avoiding the hands to dry out).

- Cyclosporine given in general has immunomodulatory properties.

- Alitretinoin, oral medication. This treatment is intended for people suffering from chronic eczema of the hands, having not had sufficiently effective results with other treatments.

> Ultraviolet treatment:

This is phototherapy or puvatherapy. Devices emitting UVB or UVA radiation are used.

In case of chronic eczema, in addition to these treatments, practical recommendations must be applied on a daily basis.

Eczema: treatment and natural solutions

Diet, gemmotherapy, omega 3 deficiency ... how to eradicate eczema with natural solutions?

> Here are some practical tips to apply in case of chronic eczema:

  • Avoid irritating products and materials (detergents, chemicals, wool ...). The doctor will indicate which product to use for washing (specially adapted soaps). Creams sold in pharmacies may be recommended by the dermatologist to prevent drying hands.
  • Use gloves for the household.
  • Avoid scratching your hands as much as possible as this can aggravate the lesions.
  • Put on gloves when it is cold, to avoid drying hands.
  • Avoid too hot or cold water.

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