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Generic drug from Gyno Pevaryl LP
Therapeutic class: Gynecology
active ingredients: Econazole
laboratory: Teva Sante

Ovum extended release
Box of 1
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Local treatment of vulvovaginal mycosis, whether or not infected with Gram + bacteria.

Dosage ECONAZOLE RATIOPHARM LP 150 mg Sustained-Release Ovum Box of 1

- In the majority of cases: 1 egg at bedtime in single administration to be introduced deep into the vagina, preferably lying down.
- In the case of relapsed or rebellious mycosis implying favoring factors, an egg at bedtime and an egg the next morning.
- Practical advice :
. Toilet with neutral or alkaline pH soap.
. The treatment will be accompanied by hygiene advice (wearing cotton underwear, avoid douching, avoid wearing internal tampons during treatment ...) and as far as possible, the removal of the contributing factors .
. Do not interrupt treatment during periods.
. The treatment of the partner will be discussed according to each case.
. To treat vulvar or perianal extensions of mycosis, it is recommended to associate with gynecological eggs, an antifungal in local applications.

Against indications

- Hypersensitivity to any of the components (or group sensitization).
- Use of latex diaphragms.
Associations advised against : spermicides.

Econazole Ratiopharm LP side effects

- The most commonly reported adverse reactions in clinical trials are application site reactions such as burning, irritation, pruritus and erythema.
- Very rare cases of contact dermatitis, and isolated cases of erythematous rash or urticaria have also been reported since marketing.

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