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Generic drug of the therapeutic class: Anesthesia, resuscitation, analgesics
Active ingredients: Water for injections
laboratory: Baxter

Solvent for parenteral preparation
Carton of 10 Pockets of 1000 ml
All forms


Sterile water for injection is indicated for use as a vector for the dilution and reconstitution of pharmaceutical drugs for parenteral administration.

Dosage WATER PREP INJECTABLE VIAFLO Solvent for parenteral preparation Carton of 10 Pockets of 1000 ml


The proposed dosage will be dictated by the nature of the additive used. The rate of administration will depend on the dosage regimen of the prescribed drug.

After adding the prescribed additives, the dosage usually depends on the patient's age, weight, clinical condition, and the results of the biological tests.

Administration mode

The solution is for the dilution and administration of therapeutic additives. The directions for use of the added specialty drug will dictate the appropriate volumes and route of administration.

Against indications

Water for injections should not be administered alone.

Contraindications related to the added pharmaceutical specialty must be taken into account.

Adverse effects Water Prep Injectable Viaflo

Injection of water for intravenous injection may be responsible for hemolysis if administered alone.

The nature of the additive will determine the possible occurrence of other adverse effects.

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