Water and thinness: The different types of water

If it is recommended to drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day, it is also important to monitor the quality of the water being absorbed.
Mineral water, spring water, tap water ... In France, the different names of water are subject to controls. Here is a small overview
different types of water and their main qualities:

> Natural mineral water is naturally pure water, collected from an underground aquifer. Its mineral composition and quality must be constant, resulting in strict regular controls. This constant composition may have certain benefits for our health; calcium-rich water, for example, may be recommended to prevent a risk of osteoporosis.

> Spring water is subject to controls, but not on its constancy in minerals. Its mineral composition and flavor can indeed vary. In addition, spring water being drawn less deeply, it may be less rich in minerals.

> Tap water meets the criteria for drinking water defined in the framework of a national regulation, the management of which remains local.

Also know that a water rich in magnesium helps fight against constipation. Waters rich in magnesium are for example: Hepar or Contrex for flat waters or Quézac; Badoit or San Pellegrino for aerated waters.

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