Right and pregnancy

To benefit from benefits during pregnancy, you have to be a social worker (to have income and to contribute to social security) or to be entitled, that is to say to be of the family (spouse, cohabitant, child) of a social insured.

The family allowance is made up of fixed allowances to which all future mothers are entitled, and of allowances calculated on the basis of income and family status (extension of the allowance for young children, family allowances, single parent allowance, housing allowance). family, ...).

There are two types of benefits:

First, those aimed at offsetting the burdens due to the birth and presence of children, and to promote their education. But still, benefits related to particular situations.
> The child-related benefits are the PAJE (childcare allowance), Family Allowances, Family Supplement and Back to School Allowance. To receive these benefits, you must live in France. There are also conditions of resources, except for family allowances accessible to all.

> Other allowances may be paid based on isolation (the Isolated Parent Allowance or API, and the Family Support Allowance). To obtain them, the first 2 blue parts of the pregnancy declaration must be sent to CAF before the 14th week of pregnancy, and the pink form to CPAM.
Another imperative, to go to all the obligatory medical visits: 7 consultations during the pregnancy, the first obligatorily before 14 weeks of amenorrhea, as well as the compulsory examinations for the child after the birth, that is to say 9 during in his first year, 3 during his second year and then every 6 months until 6 years old.

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