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Intestinal pain: treatments

To relieve his problems of intestinal pains requires, as his first treatment, to change his diet a little:

  • Start by having meals at set times and take them sitting at a table.
  • Eat slowly and chew conscientiously. Try to swallow as little air as possible.
  • Do not restrict yourself or diet unless you have been asked by your doctor to tell you which foods you can remove without causing deficiencies.
Dieting will only add extra pressure to a problem whose seizures are intimately related to your level of stress. However, a healthy diet, balanced and varied, not too oily or too spicy, can help you reduce your attacks of intestinal pain.

If your colonopathy is accompanied by constipation:

Do not skimp on dietary fiber , provided they are accompanied by water. Remove the types of foods that you think are "difficult to digest". Dairy products for example, if you have a proven intolerance to milk enzymes.

Be aware that even in the absence of intolerance, milk (or some milk products) can increase fermentations. In some people, starches and chocolates are factors triggering functional colopathy attacks.

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If you suffer a lot of bloating:

Avoid foods that favor them: dried beans, cabbages and some fruits and vegetables that you have spotted, and chewing gums. Be aware that some vegetables cause less gas if consumed cooked.

Abuse of alcohol, tobacco and coffee is not recommended . Coffee contains caffeine that stimulates the movement of your intestines, increasing your irritability .

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Despite the existence of many treatments, there are few that are effective without proper nutrition. In fact, your doctor will treat the symptoms of functional colopathy. For contractile movements of the large intestine, anti-spasmodics are the most prescribed, such as Spasfon® and Meteospasmyl®.

During seizures, if they are accompanied by constipation, you will have the same advice as for classic constipation, with a preference for taking mucilage (seeds, algae) such as Spagulax®, Transilane®.

Beware of products containing buckthorn or senna . They are irritating to the intestinal wall.

If you have episodes of diarrhea, your doctor will prescribe antidiarrheals, after making sure it is not a false diarrhea. In the latter case, the intake of mucilage and bran, is quite effective.

Absorbent intestinal dressings made from clay, charcoal or simethicone are numerous and used with good results: Bedelix®, Smecta®, Carbolevure®.

The sport

Finally, be aware that physical activity (walking, cycling, even yoga) is very often beneficial.

Besides the evacuation of the stress by the relaxation, there is also the evacuation of the saddles.

Gymnastics to strengthen the abdominal strap, is very effective in reducing functional colopathies. Moreover, athletes rarely suffer from these disorders.

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