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Pain and fever: paracetamol, aspirin or ibuprofen? : Paracetamol, the best tolerated

- What is it ? Paracetamol is the most prescribed molecule in France, marketed in pharmacy under different names (Doliprane®, Efferalgan® ...). It is an analgesic not salicylated. It does not belong to the same class of aspirin. There is no risk of bleeding when you take too much.

- Its properties: Paracetamol is part of antipyretic analgesics (against pain and fever). That is, it fights both pain (eg headaches) and fever.

- Side effects: Risk of drug hepatitis, especially in case of overdose. The dose not to be exceeded in adults: 1 gram, 4 times a day.

- Its +: few adverse effects, well tolerated by the body, compatible punctually during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

- Ses -: Paracetamol has no anti-inflammatory action (therefore, not very indicated on redness, swelling, etc.).

- The dosage: For an adult, 1 gram, 4 times a day maximum.

- The opinion of the pharmacist: "Paracetamol is a first-line analgesic. If metered, paracetamol is better tolerated than other over-the-counter medications. That said, long-term overdose could lead to nausea and abdominal pain, or even a risk to the liver. Paracetamol covers all common forms of moderate pain, but not migraines that require consultation and specific management. "

To take in case of influenza
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