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Dental pain: the treatments

The only way to effectively relieve the pain associated with tooth decay is to consult a dentist so that he can intervene with the most appropriate treatment.

He will begin by performing an X-ray to identify the exact cause of the pain, and then intervene on the decayed tooth. Once the decay is eliminated, the tooth will not hurt anymore.

In case of strong infection, the dentist will prescribe a pain and antibiotic treatment before intervening on the decayed tooth.

For gingivitis, brush the gums at least three times a day with a soft toothbrush. If gingivitis has been caused by an excess of tartar, it will be necessary to see a dentist to make a descaling, which can be more or less deep according to the state of the teeth and the importance of the disease.

In the meantime, an appointment at the dentist, we can advise taking an analgesic, type paracetamol.

These bad habits that damage our teeth ...

To keep your teeth healthy, you must know how to take care ... and adopt some rules of oral hygiene and food. Here are 10 bad habits to avoid to keep a radiant smile!

How to prevent tooth pain

Dental pain can be a symptom of an ongoing infection in the teeth or gums.

Prevention is therefore essential to avoid these kinds of disorders: since caries and gingivitis are mainly due to bacteria, the main measure to prevent them effectively is to adopt excellent oral hygiene:

  • to wash your teeth three times a day,
  • use dental floss,
  • make gargles,
  • avoid eating too much sweet food.
It is also advisable to consult a dental surgeon at least twice a year, in order to detect caries in the early stages of their development.

The dentist does a thorough oral exam to check for any decay and cleans the teeth to avoid gingivitis.

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