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Hip pain

Both children and adults can be affected by hip pain , although it is very often with the weight of years that we complain about these joints and the hip in particular, and that a problem of osteoarthritis , for example, can be revealed ...

Pain from the hip often radiates to the groin, thigh and buttocks (sides). It is not therefore at the very hip that the pain will necessarily be felt.

Apart from a traumatic context that may cause a dislocation, or a fracture of the upper femur, and sometimes a part of the pelvis (the acetabulum), hip pain may have different explanations depending on the age.

Osteoarthritis of the hip is a very common condition, and a common cause of consultation among physicians. It corresponds to the exaggerated wear of cartilage, bone tissue ... of the joint. Among the factors favoring osteoarthritis of the hip: age, the practice of regular physical activity as well as overweight. But osteoarthritis is not the only disease involved.

Discover in this article, the precise and possible causes of hip pain, and its treatments ... Depending on the problem, a general practitioner, a rheumatologist, or even an orthopedic surgeon can be consulted.

Author: Dr. Nicolas Evrard.

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