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Foot pain: the causes

The causes of foot pain are very diverse. In case of slight foot pain, the problem often comes from inadequate and too tight shoes. These cause overload problems with pressure points and sometimes the occurrence of blisters. This can often lead to corns, or even bedsores to the feet.

Common causes include an ingrown toenail with a harmless base, or foot fungus, which can become painful.

The following causes can also cause foot pain:

1) An injury or trauma.

  • A sprained foot that can cause ligament injury (for example, tearing of the external ligament at the ankle)
  • Tension, pain and muscle injury
  • An injury of a tendon (for example, an Achilles tendon tear)
  • A fracture of the bone (for example, an ankle or metatarsal fracture)

2) Joint inflammation (arthritis) tendonitis (tendonitis) or bone (periostitis).

3) Deformity of the foot or some toes:

A flat foot, a hooked foot, a hammer toe or claw toe, a hollow foot, a hallux valgus, a falciform foot, a rounded foot, a spread foot, a valgus flat foot, a club foot.

3) Problems related to nerves, skin, joints, metabolism, or even vessels ... can also cause foot pain:

  • A bout of gout (especially the big toe is concerned)
  • Wear of one or more joints (osteoarthritis) located at the foot
  • Rheumatoid arthritis (ankylosing spondylitis sometimes leading to heel pain),
  • Plantar fasciitis (plantar fasciitis or calcaneal spine),
  • A narrowing syndrome, such as tarsal canal syndrome (narrowing of the tibia nerve causing pain and sensory disturbances inside the ankle),
  • Nervous system disease with nerve damage (such as polyneuropathy),
  • Foot skin disease, such as psoriasis,
  • A tumor (for example, bone cancer),
  • Osteoporosis,
  • A blood circulation disorder (eg arteriosclerosis),
  • A clot formed in a vessel located in the leg, such as an arterial artery disease (or arteritis) of the lower limbs (called AOMI)

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