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DODECAVIT 0.5 mg / mL

Generic drug of the therapeutic class: Metabolism and nutrition
active ingredients: Hydroxocobalamin
laboratory: Serb

IM Injectable Solution
Box of 6 ampoules of 2 ml
All forms


Deficits proven vitamin B12 due to a lack of absorption: Biermer's disease, total gastrectomy, resection of the terminal ileum, Imerslund's disease.

Dosage DODECAVIT 0.5 mg / mL IM Injection Solution Box of 6 Ampoules of 2 ml

Intramuscular route.
Do not inject intravenously.
- Attack treatment: 1 mg (one ampoule) daily or three times a week in IM, 10 mg (10 ampoules) in total.
- Maintenance treatment: 1 mg (1 ampoule) in IM per month.

Against indications

- History of allergy to cobalamins (vitamin B12 and related substances).
- Malignant neoplasm: Due to the action of vitamin B12 on the growth of tissues with a high cell multiplication rate, the risk of evolutionary thrust must be taken into account.
Do not inject intravenously.

Dodecavit side effects

- Allergic reactions: pruritus, urticaria, erythema, shock, cutaneous necrosis, edema may be severe: anaphylactic shock or Quincke's edema.
- Risk of acne.
- Possibility of pain at the injection site.
- Red staining of urine (corresponding to the urinary elimination of vitamin B12).

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