Diverticulitis: Treatments

1 - Acute treatments

In case of acute symptoms revealing diverticulitis, hospitalization may be necessary to perform additional tests and manage the disease. The first-line treatment is first medical with infused antibiotics, a food diet - to put the gut at rest - and antispasmodics. Most of the time this medical treatment is sufficient.

But sometimes surgery is necessary. This consists of a resection of part of the colon, especially when a complication (haemorrhage, peritonitis) occurs.

When the pain and symptoms associated with diverticulosis are less important, a simple adaptation of the diet is sufficient. It is then most often a local irritation of a diverticulum, more than an infection per se.
In case of pain caused by a diverticulum, we recommend a so-called "white" diet, with rice and white bread. In addition, taking anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) is not recommended.

At the slightest doubt, if the symptoms worsen, the opinion of a doctor is essential.

2 - Prevention

Once treated, diverticulitis recurrence in a third of cases. There is no evidence that any plan reduces the risk of re-offending. Anti-inflammatory drugs should be avoided. Obesity must be fought, physical exercise encouraged.

To prevent diverticulosis, there is no treatment per se, but health and dietary advice: a diet rich in fiber and particularly in his (whole grain bread or seed).

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