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Diplopia: The treatments

It is important to consult a doctor very quickly. Because it happens that the patient requires urgent care. Depending on the circumstances of occurrence of this diplopia, possible other symptoms ... immediate care may be necessary.

The ophthalmologist will first perform a complete ophthalmological examination. The direction of the gaze in which the diplopia appears, the state of the pupils ... will allow him to determine the muscle involved.

Indeed, six muscles make it possible to mobilize the eye. And these muscles are controlled by different cranial nerves (III, IV, VI). Depending on the examination performed by the ophthalmologist, the ophthalmologist can determine the affected brain region.

The observation of the fundus of the eye is also systematic and provides complementary elements. The doctor can also look for neurological disorders on clinical examination.

Finally, depending on the orientation of his diagnosis, he may prescribe different complementary tests: blood test, CT scan, MRI, arteriography ...

There is no actual treatment for diplopia. Once the causal pathology has been identified, it must of course be treated.

This support can be more or less urgent. In the event of aneurysm rupture, for example, it will not be necessary to wait. Infectious causes also require prompt treatment.

Myasthenia, for its part, requires a very specific treatment. The treatment of relapses is based on anticholinesterase drugs, and on the intravenous injection of immunoglobulins. And the basic treatment is based on the prescription of corticosteroids and / or immunosuppressants.

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