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Difficulties in school: what to do?

Academic success remains today one of the most important sources of recognition.

The child must rise to the occasion, not only of the expectations of the teacher, but also of his parents who often project on him a professional future under the best auspices.

This causes some children to have difficulty in school. All children may be affected by failure at some point in their schooling. Even a "gifted" child may have problems with maladjustment to the traditional school environment: a bored schoolboy may not want to put in any effort.

Children suffering from dyslexia or hyperactivity, so in sickness, will have to provide a little more effort than others, learn to adapt, so as not to be in a situation of failure. But be careful not to overload them!

A child in a situation of failure needs to be supported and not overwhelmed. It is already necessary to establish the cause of his failure to know what kind of help to bring him. But if no specific problem, does not appear, it must also be firm to prevent the child spends his time in front of a computer screen, and abandons his homework.

Problems of concentration, maturity, motivation ... many parents are wondering to find the most suitable solution in case of academic difficulty. This file can help you to see more clearly about the causes and solutions of the child's academic difficulties.

Authors: Charlène Salomé and Clémentine Fitaire.
Consultant expert: Rebecca Duvillié, Doctor in psychology, clinical psychologist, former teacher and school psychologist in ZEP.
Last updated: November 2014.

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