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Age differences: they and they tell

Living with a man who is almost his own father's age, sharing his life with a woman twenty years older, starting a family with a much younger companion ... The age difference in the couple, quite common, always raises some questions.

It is well known: when we love, we do not count. And especially not the years that separate us from our beloved (e). Thus, it happens that love falls on us without taking into consideration the customs and customs prevailing in our society. We say that love is stronger than anything, but let's be honest: the pressure of society can be very heavy for couples who stand out and do not match the image of the "ideal" couple.

And even among those couples with a big difference in age, there are different degrees of acceptance. Thus, a couple where the man is older than his partner seems, even today, more commonly accepted, while a woman with a partner much younger than it seems much more "shock".

Why this inequality? And why this difficulty to accept a significant difference in age within a couple? And above all: how is this situation experienced by these "out of the ordinary" couples?

We wanted to know how it works and proposed to 4 couples to give us their experience. And to see more clearly, we asked a psychiatrist to analyze their testimonies.

Discover our four testimonials : Mélanie, Cathy, Jacques and José tell their story on a daily basis, their joys, their doubts, and sometimes their anxieties.

And read the interview of the psychiatrist, Dr. Youssef Mourtada, who analyzed the subject for us.

Author: Sylvie Charbonnier.

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