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Diarrhea: Treatments

In case of diarrhea, before starting a treatment, it is necessary to compensate the loss of water and drink a lot, tea, mineral water, degreased broth, or drinks such as coca-cola (without bubbles). We must continue to eat, if the stomach allows, if possible avoid vegetables and choose consistent foods such as rice and bananas.

To stop diarrhea, there are drugs.

Intestinal transit retarders (loperamide-based antidiarrheals) can sometimes be sold without a prescription. It is then necessary to respect the doses recommended by the pharmacist or indicated in the instructions. He does not continue treatment for more than two days without medical advice.

If the diarrhea is too strong, the doctor may prescribe other medicines to combat vomiting or abdominal pain. Other times additional tests are necessary, as well as the opinion of a medical specialist: a gastroenterologist.

Anti-diarrheal drugs reduce the activity of the intestines, they "cut off diarrhea". Sometimes it may be necessary to administer antibiotics.

Here are some small "tips" to minimize the risk of diarrhea:

  • Eat rice, white bread,
  • Drink only bottled water, decapsulated in front of you.
  • Refuse ice cubes unless they are made with mineral water.
  • Avoid raw vegetables or fruits, high fiber foods the time of diarrhea.
  • Disinfect hands before eating.

In an infant, diarrhea should always be considered serious. Infants do not have the same reserves as adults. They can dehydrate very quickly, with all the consequences that entails.

To compensate for water loss children can be given oral rehydration solutions (ORS) available in pharmacies.

The risk of rehydration also exists in the elderly; in this case too, recourse to the doctor is necessary.

ORS may also be given to adults and seniors.

Powder - Acute diarrhea
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