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Smelly feet

On a regular basis and - it must be recognized - not very elegant, we speak of "feet that stink" or "feel feet". This problem of smelly feet is a real problem for people who suffer from it.

The foot is one of the parts of the body the most solicited and probably the most abused. This is one of the most sweaty places with nearly 250, 000 sweat glands at the plant level. Sweating is a system that regulates the body's temperature, in the form of evaporation of water normally contained in the body.

Sweat is essentially water and mineral salts. It is not perspiration itself that gives off an unpleasant smell, but the contact of sweat with the bacteria that are on the surface of the skin.

As soon as you wake up, your feet are locked in sandals or flip-flops at best, and in closed shoes, or even socks, most of the time. While the best way to treat the feet would be to leave them in the natural state and walk without shoes ... which is not possible for climatic - and social reasons.

And besides, if walking barefoot spares us perhaps the "stinking feet", but it is not the ideal solution either: dry and damaged feet would be the result, not to mention the hygienic problems . But then, what to do?

In our article, we take stock of the different causes of smelly feet to offer you adapted solutions: With our practical advice, you can finally say goodbye to "stinking feet".

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Author: Ladane Azernour Bonnefoy.
Expert consultant: Dr. Françoise Le Pallec, dermatologist.

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