Dengue: treatments

There is no clean treatment for dengue. The latter is based solely on early management performed by an experienced hospital team. Most of the treatment is to preserve the blood volume (by intravenous drip), in case of severe dengue fever and excessive blood loss. This reduces mortality from 20% to less than 1%.

Be careful, you should not take aspirin against pain or fever, it could cause bleeding, or possibly aggravate it.

The only way to fight against dengue fever is, on the one hand, personal protection against mosquitoes, on the other hand the eradication of vector mosquitoes by insecticides.

But programs are not always easy to set up. Because, besides the spreading and the spraying of the insecticides, certain rules of hygiene must be respected by all the communities: like not storing the water in barrels, regularly picking up the garbage cans ... These measures, which imply an education populations, are essential to fight against the proliferation of mosquitoes.

The control and active surveillance of mosquitoes also make it possible to predict possible outbreaks and to put in place the necessary preventive measures.

There is no vaccine against dengue. Personal prevention is based solely on protection against mosquito bites during the day, between sunrise and sunset.

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