Nice buttocks, not so easy?

High, curved, firm, these are the ideal buttocks we all dream of. The good news: having pretty sculpted buttocks is not a privilege reserved for top models!

The buttocks are made of muscles, we can remodel them to perfection! So, without further ado, attack the mission "concrete buttocks"! In our file you will find everything you need to know to get there ...

Buttocks are indeed formed of several muscles; each has a precise function and gives the buttocks their shape.

  • The gluteus maximus is located on the back part of the buttocks. It is he who, when not firm, forms these two reserves of fat called saddlebags, or gives the buttocks their appearance in "drop of water".
  • The gluteus medius is an abductor, located below the gluteus maximus. Tonic, it makes firm the top of the buttocks and draws a nice convex hips.
  • The small gluteus is also an abductor, located in front of the gluteus medius.

The small and medium gluteal maintain the balance of the pelvis and give the hips their vitality. They are toned by walking, running.


Here is the # 1 enemy of all women: cellulite! And yes, the buttocks are unfortunately one of the favorite targets of cellulite. The only consolation: cellulite has nothing to do with being fat. Even the thinnest women can have "soft" buttocks, surrounded by cellulite; it's a question of hormones.

To overcome this cellulite, it is of course necessary to adopt a better diet, but also firm tissue through the practice of a regular sport: only exercises can replace the fat layer by muscle.

Discover in our file, the sports that are particularly suitable for this purpose!

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