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Detect an STD: the advice of the specialist

Interview with Dr. Alain Tamborini, gynecologist. This specialist doctor gives us valuable tips and information about STDs ...

What is the difference between MST and IST?

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are diseases caused by microbes (viruses, bacteria or parasites) that are transmitted from one person to another during sexual intercourse.

Considering that some people may be infected with a sexually transmitted germ, but without any symptoms of a disease, the term STI, a sexually transmitted infection, is now widely used in medicine to be broader than that of STDs.

It seems that young women are more at risk of getting an STD ...

Regardless of age, a person is at greater risk of STDs as long as they do not have a stable sex life with a faithful partner. It is the lack of precautions and the multiplication of partners that increase the risks.

Produced in 2008 at the initiative of ANRS (National Agency for AIDS Research), the last major survey on sexuality in France concerned 12, 364 women and men aged 18 to 69 years. These last results testify to a certain evolution of the female sexual behaviors which tend to approach the masculine behaviors, as well with regard to the number of partners as that of the age of the first reports. Thus in half a century, the age of the first reports in women has decreased by 3 years: it is now 17.6 years close to that of men is 17.2 years.

Are there institutions in France that offer complete "check-ups" of all STDs?

Throughout France, most biological laboratories perform the sampling and examinations necessary for the detection of STDs. Specialized consultations or institutions, such as the Institut Fournier in Paris, are more appropriate when it comes to treating recurrent STDs that are resistant to "classic" treatments.

The summer vacation period seems conducive to the spread of STDs, especially among young people. What advice would you give to avoid them?

During holidays, the sun, the rest, the absence of stress and constraints, inaction or idleness make the body and the mind more available for sexuality. Meetings and opportunities are more numerous and easier, some barriers fall. Evenings and nights in long and often alcoholic discotheques help to lower the vigilance and alter the discernment.

The best strategy for STDs is still to prevent them, and if they can not be avoided, treat them as quickly as possible.

At the European level, how does France compare to STDs?

It is difficult to estimate the number of STDs because many go unnoticed clinically. A European study found that there were fewer STDs in France than in the Scandinavian countries, but it is difficult to say whether this is the reality, or whether STDs are better diagnosed and identified in the countries. Scandinavian. In the United States, according to a study published in 2008 by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), one teenager in four has already had an STD, which is equivalent to about 3 million teenage girls in the United States.

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