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Post-natal cure: find a toned body

Weight gain, water retention, cellulite: pregnancy may have left "marks" on your body.

The thalasso treatments contribute to the normal return of the connective tissues, stimulate the blood circulation and the nerve endings ...

For example, jet sessions and massages can soften the "closets" of cellulite. The various hydrotherapy and algotherapy treatments (hydromassage baths, affusion showers, etc.) make it possible to overcome - in part - the risk of deficiency of trace elements, or vitamins. Spirulina, blue algae, is used for its tensor effect; applied locally on certain areas of skin stretched during pregnancy (belly, hips, chest), it restores elasticity to the skin.

Prevent back pain

During the post-natal cure, every effort is made to prevent pain in the dorsal or lumbar regions, which is severely tested during pregnancy, and then constantly used daily, if only to carry the baby.

Exercises of gymnastics, rehabilitation to rev up the abdominal strap, massages, hydrotherapy treatments (hydromassage baths): thalassotherapy centers offer a range of treatments to tone the muscles, promote muscle relaxation and help you prevent back pain.

To see: our video on the post-natal cure in thalssotherapy

During pregnancy, the body is put to the test. To remodel it gently, many thalassotherapy centers offer a cure adapted to young mothers.

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